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MOBROB 2024 : Mobile Robotic Systems, International Summer School of Automatic Control Grenoble

2 septembre - 6 septembre

The scientific objective of this summer school is to establish the fundamentals of mobile robotics, to provide the modeling and control tools needed to meet the challenges of these complex systems, and to identify new areas of research and applications in this rapidly evolving field by covering the following themes:

  • Modeling of mobile robots: kinematics and dynamics with a focus on aerial robots.
  • Motion control for mobile robots: classic control theory applied to robotic systems and advanced control methods
  • Multi-robot systems: cooperation and coordination of multiple robots, swarm robotics, formation control and applications
  • Recent innovative applications of mobile robots: manipulation and cooperative transportation, robots for environmental monitoring, energy production with aerial robots…


Début :
2 septembre
Fin :
6 septembre
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Laboratoire Gipsa-Lab
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